Zoomumba Hack Cheat Tool Free Download

Zoomumba Hack Cheat Tool Free Download

Casual games developer Big Point is getting into the zookeeping business with its simulation title, Zoomumba. The most notable thing about the game is that it enhances the animal care genre instead of offering anything significantly unique. For what it is, however, it works, with most of its problems stem from minor usability issues.

Zoomumba Hack Cheat Tool Free Download

For anyone that hasn’t played a zoo-simulation type of app, the core gameplay consists of building various habitats and periodically tending to them so that revenue can be generated. Each animal attraction can have a handful of creatures placed within it. The animals are fed, cleaned, played with, and given water by simply clicking associated gauges. The care and feeding of the zoo animals needs to happen frequently.

Icons appear over habitats that indicate what kind of attention is needed. That’s fine, but the icons like to pop-up when the gauges are not even a quarter of the way drained. It seems minor, but it detracts from the game’s graphics to always have the icons appearing when they’re not necessary. Also, basics like food and water must be purchased, and with the frequent need for care drains very quickly. This, in and of itself, isn’t really a problem, but the only way to buy in bulk is to click a plus button next to the item (in the game’s store) about 50 times or more.  Zoomumba also features animal breeding. Male and female versions of animals can be purchased, and be bred to produce juveniles that can further increase the quality of one’s space, and by extension, its revenue stream. You can increase revenue from your juveniles by upgrading habitats, but unlike other similar games, Zoomumba uses more than just coin to take things up a level.

Zoomumba Hack Cheat Tool Free Download

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