Solitaire Tales Hack

Solitaire Tales Hack

Heroes of the land, assemble! The evil Deckromancer has stolen the Deck of Power! Chase the evil sorcerer across the land and use the magic of the cards to defeat your enemies. Immerse yourself in surreal landscapes from a land of magic and lore. Your tale is yet to be written. Will you save the kingdom and become a master of the cards? The challenge awaits. Solitaire Tales is about your adventure being a hero to chase the evil Deckromancer and retrieve the Deck of Power. You will need to use the magic of cards to complete levels and beat enemies. Challenges await you as you set for an adventure to become the master of the cards and save the kingdom. To play the game just look for the Goal Cards. The goal cards are shown with a golden border which will always be visible. You must then collect all the goal cards to complete and finish the level. Goal Cards are present in every level and have to be collected for each play.

Solitaire Tales Hack


– Unlimited Coins Hack
– Unlimited Cash Hack
– Instant Power Ups Hack
– Daily updates
– Works on ALL internet browsers
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