Riotzone Free Hack Updated

Riotzone Free Hack Updated

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In the browser game RiotZone, you find yourself right in the middle of a destroyed land called Merania. In Merania, there is a constant civil war going on between two different organizations that are at odds with one another. As the leader of a squad of soldiers, you will fight your way through the comic world full of danger. Being a commander you must decide for which side you will fight – either the Scarlet Alliance, fanatically chasing their goal, or the Crown Coalition, known for their calculating approach to problems. Once you have selected your weapons, you must select the soldiers you wish to support you as you prepare to go on your missions in RiotZone. There are nearly countless missions which will challenge you to use your wit and weapons to get the job done. Among other tasks, you will lead your soldiers on various sting operations, storming military bases or organizing a heist. You will always be right in the middle of the action, and the danger, in RiotZone. Of course, as a commander, you are also responsible for the development of your base. You will have to always pay attention and make sure that you have enough resources available. The more you build up your base, the more units you will be able to recruit, along with new equipment. This way, you can build the best team possible. If you manage to get past your enemies and reach the goal or meet them head on, just make sure you have the right team with you. In RiotZone, it is always a matter of life and death.

Riotzone Hack Features:
Infinite Health

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