NBA 2K14 Key Generator

NBA 2K14 Key Generator

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NBA 2K14 Key Generator

For years, the NBA 2K franchise has consistently stood head and shoulders above most sports games because of stellar gameplay, star power, and the addition of fresh, new ideas each season. NBA 2K11 set the genre on fire with the Jordan Challenge, then followed it up in NBA 2K12 with the amazing Legends tournament. While NBA 2K13′s My Team didn’t sizzle as much last year, it still garnered plenty of conversation. As the PS3/360 generation closes out, NBA 2K14 arrives as a superbly tight gameplay experience–but it feels like it could have been so much more.On the court, NBA 2K14 plays beautifully. In particular, defense is more interesting because of the ability to play the ball more effectively; well-timed reach-ins result in knock-aways more than fouls, and the fact that you can block a ball as a trailing defender is a welcome addition. There’s an undercurrent of nastiness in the paint, too, as bodies loudly and violently collide, accented by screams of fouled players and “thumps” of 7-foot hulks of men slamming into the floor.

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