Honor Bound Hack Updated

Honor Bound Hack Updated

HonorBound is a great game in all the aspects it has. Beautiful graphics, fast-paced action, multitude of enemies in so many kinds that you never get bored fighting them, powerful skills for hundreds of heroes you can own and five classes – Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric and Knight. Each of them gives you the feel of power right at your fingertips – literally. As a commander of your army, you can control up to 300+ different unit types – from knights to wizards. As a hero, you will own your own castle to control everything you own, explore beautifully designed lands and locations where every detail counts. What is more, you can also encounter other players and duel them for honor, valor or some powerful rewards. HonorBound gives you all of that and even more!

Honorbound Hack Tool Updated Free Download


Gold – add the amount of this currency to buy powerful equipment and epic items
Diamonds – feel like a queen or a wealthy sheikh who can buy everything and even more for this gemmy commodity
Unlock All Heroes – be the one and only commander who has as many servants who will die to serve you as he can wish for
Double the Experience – many hours of tiresome monster’s grinding may be really mundane. Use this blessing from gods and shine like your heavenly guardians
Unlimited Health Points – Have you ever wondered how is it like to be really invincible? Just give it a try
Unlimited Energy – Use your abilities without worry that you will have to frenetically search for another mana flask in your inventory to crush your opponents

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